Doing the Milarepa Dance

I just finished reading Lordro Rinzler’s new book, The Buddha Walks into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation.

And it worked! Here’s how.

I sat down to meditate this morning. I lit the incense. I rang the rin gong. But I wasn’t settled. I had a restless sleep. My mind wouldn’t quiet. Issues were churning.

So. Sitting on my cushion at 7 this morning.

I found myself looking around the room at all the books I’ve collected over the years. In the search for? In the search for. Clarity.

Some of the books:

The Kindness HandbookStart Where You ArePracticing Peace in Times of WarClassics of PhilosophyRuling Your WorldSmile at FearHow to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful LifeThe Courage to Feel

Oh. My. Goodness.

It’s not just me! Look! Look at all these books. Everyone is searching.

Ping. Clarity hit me.

Everyone is trying to figure “it” out. And if “they” are not trying to figure “it” out, then they’ve made themselves so busy, or sedated to understand the need.

The need to understand that we are all basically good. The need to understand that what is messing with our inherent goodness is that many of us are so confused.

And so. This morning. Two things from my cushion.

One. Get over yourself Anne! Let it go!

And two.

The Buddha Walks into a Bar is an excellent book that teaches and expounds upon much of what I have been searching for. It offers tremendous tools and insights on how to find clarity and practice compassion.

Rinzler says in the introduction:

You don’t have to change you. You are great. This book is just about how to live your life to the fullest.

I’ll offer what I know, but the rest is up to you. It is you who has to go out and live your life with mindfulness and compassion. You already know this. After all, true wisdom comes from within you. What this book provides is a series of tools to access that wisdom. We’ll get into simple practices, advice, and teaching that can help you align yourself with your personal moral compass, the dignity of your own heart.

So if you want to be more in the “now,” read this book. If you want to change the world, read this book. If you want to be a meditator and still enjoy a good drink read this book.

I am more confident than ever, that we can change the world. This little book will help. If you read it.


6 thoughts on “Doing the Milarepa Dance

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