Red Admiral Butterflies are Way Cool

I was sitting on my patio this morning in the warm sun and very cool 48 degree air, reading and writing and zoning out – when I was alighted upon by one of these awesome little creatures. Just as if I were a piece of the lawn furniture. Or a pretty flower. Or the window ledge like in this photo that I took later in the afternoon.

He lingered on my shoulder just long enough for me to note that his wings are silky smooth on the topside and super rough on the underside. Very cool.

I like that he chose me to land on. It made me feel special.

And so. I was sitting on the patio reading all day – because in my barefooted ways I landed super hard on a tiny little piece of pea gravel taking out the trash this morning at 7am – and had to take the rest of the day off my feet.

How lucky was that though? It allowed me to almost finish, The Buddha Walks into a Bar, by Lordro Rinzo. Which I hope to post about tomorrow or the next day.

And it brought me a world of new friends. Red Admiral Butterflies.


3 thoughts on “Red Admiral Butterflies are Way Cool

  1. Red admiral butterflies hanging out in hordes. Coyotes dropping in on Subway shops downtown. Eagles nesting around town. Snow owls roosting in the Loop. Hawks in Evanston, and Northbrook. Foxes and raccoons making their homes here. Nature rules all, and it’s time for Man to make room.

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