Grace and Friendship

I wish I had a way to convey my mood. Hold the phone. I’m a writer. Use your words Anne. Today. I feel like I’ve been there and back.

So anyway.

I have been listening to Sylvia Boorstein’s retreat talk at and at the same time reading Sakyong Mipham’s new book, Running with the Mind of Meditation.

Thank goodness for both.

Sylvia Boorstein so wonderfully interprets The Four Noble Truths which are the Buddha’s first and fundamental teachings about the nature of our experience and spiritual potential. Often stated as:

  1. The existence of suffering
  2. The origin of suffering
  3. The cessation of suffering
  4. The path to the cessation of suffering.

But, as Sylvia says in her talk – that really doesn’t exactly speak to us Westerners – so, in a nutshell she explains the Four Noble Truths as:

  1. Life is difficult. We are always challenged.
  2. You don’t need to be pleased to be content.
  3. Peace is possible.
  4. We need to train the mind to accommodate life as it happens.

Such a wonderful and gentle reminder. “Life is difficult. We are always challenged.” To accept that one simple fact is so freeing! Yes. Shit happens. All the time. Not just to you. To everyone. So. Instead of complaining that it’s happening. Let’s learn how to manage it.


“You don’t need to be pleased to be content.” For me. Isn’t that accepting what  life brings you today?  Some days are better than others. That’s life. And to know that is to find contentment.

I do believe with all my heart that peace is possible.

Finally. To train the mind. I have found such profound and lasting guidance from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. I have read a great deal – and I feel as if he speaks to me personally. There are many, many other teachers to explore. How fortunate I feel to have found one that rings so true for me.

His teachings offer guidance and support for bringing space and stillness into our being with a meditative practice. And therein, Opening our Heart. Reading this book has been a reminder to me – how impactful my meditation practice has been. And, more importantly – that such a practice is accessible for everyone. And, I would add, fundamental to healing our world.

Peace is possible.

And so. Friendship.

Fragile. Precious. Lasting. Confounding.

There is no friendship without grace.

Last night and this morning I was reminded and blessed with both.

Thank you. I am fortunate and grateful.


5 thoughts on “Grace and Friendship

    • Nothing makes me happier than your inquiry 🙂 I’ve got some awesome guided meditations from Insight Meditations. I’ll drop by your house. I’m going to give more thought to further recommendations.(So many! Need to prioritize :))

  1. So honest, perceptive and true. Challenges are constant and I need to stay centered through them. Not always easy.

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