A Village of Seven Billion

Max has been under the weather. I sent him to school anyway. (I had some stuff to do this morning!) The nurse called at 12:15. I went to school and brought Max home.

Here’s the funny part though. The nurse called another mom in the neighborhood by mistake. With a slip of the mind she confused Max for Mac.

The best part is. I know Mac’s mom would have taken care of Max and brought him home if I wasn’t available.

It takes a village.

I love our neighborhood. I love the support of our community. I absolutely have confidence that if we are in need we can count on our friends and neighbors.

I know for sure because I have seen them come together in sickness and in health. In good times and in bad. In joy as well as sorrow.

We need to keep growing that. We need to extend that sense of community from the very depths of our hearts. From our actions in the voter’s booth to how we behave at the Best Buy.

We can feel that sense of community not just for our friends, but also for our friends’ friends. And even our not friends.

We are all in this crazy world together. Right?


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