The Easiest Path Through

I have had so many “ah ha” moments over the past twelve months. It’s almost ridiculous. I’ve been doing a ton of reading. More thinking. Lot’s of sitting. Writing. Running. Blogging. And. Birdwatching. What fertile ground for ah ha!

And so. Ah ha thoughts for today.

Rejoice! Delight!

Watch the birds with awe and amazement. Today I marveled at the tenderness of these two wonderful red-tailed hawks as they took turns sitting on their eggs. Such privilege to witness on the Live! Red-tailed Hawk Nest Cam.

When I wasn’t stealing inside to watch Big Red and her mate on my computer, I was sitting on my patio as the sparrows buzzed me and the black birds chattered. The variety of birds at the feeders and pond today was dazzling! From tiny kinglets, to regal flickers, and cowbirds. Cardnials, junkos, and robins. A chickdee now and again and more! The yard was a constant humm. For me? Pure joy.

The Easiest Path Through 

Is Genuineness. Authenticity. Be you.

Be me. Finally. I’ve come to the point where I understand that the only choice, the easiest choice is to just be me. Ah Ha! Nothing  to prove. To be just as you are, is the only way you can really be. Why struggle against that?

I have struggled with shoulds. I should be doing this. I should look like that. According to who? Who’s rules have I been following? Who? Who? Who?

“Go bang your head against the wall and when you stop you’ll feel better.”

Honest to god – that is the advice I have been listening to.

Ah Ha!

Today I stopped banging my head against the wall.

I do feel better.


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