A friend just asked me, “How were you able to forgive them?”

I’ve been thinking about that. I’m painting the boys bathroom and I’m thinking about it.

On this beautiful St. Patrick’s Day. On Max’s 11th birthday.

Is there a greater gift than forgiveness?

And so.

What’s the easiest way to convey how to forgive?

I don’t want to die with hate in my heart.

Does that sound melodramatic?

Then, I forgive them for me. To heal me. I won’t forget what they have done. Nor condone it. When I think about it. I still feel anger. I’m working to turn that into compassion. For me. For them.

But, if I carry around anger, hostility, aggression, hatred. That harms me. And others who I touch.

To prevent that person from continuing to harm is why I am forgiving them.

How? Whenever the hurt arises, I open my heart. Breath in. Breath out.


3 thoughts on “Forgiveness

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