The New Toilet Seat

I don’t know. I wasn’t going to run with this. It seems kind of, you know, base. When there are so many things to talk about in our world today. Important things.

And yet.  Check this out.

I installed a new toilet seat in our master bath today. The old one was a little broken. Not enough that it needed replacement. Just enough that it bothered me. And to be truthful. Only me.

So, the new one arrived from Amazon yesterday. And it was perfect!

I wrestled off the old one. Screwed on the new one.

Holy Cow. The things that can make you happy.

A new toilet seat. Behold!


2 thoughts on “The New Toilet Seat

  1. We need a new toilet seat too. I was just thinking about it yesterday! How funny you would post. I got cleaner on the brass fittings of ours and now they’re all corroded and green…

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