Yoga Pants

I wear them proudly. Not because they flatter my figure. Most don’t. But because they do everything else. Since they were built for yoga, they are comfortable no matter where your day takes you. For instance. Today I was on a ladder. Comfortable. Walking the dogs. Very comfortable. Driving the band carpool. Feeling good.

And regardless of their fit, I do believe they are considered “stylish.” Especially if you are wearing the “latest.”

Revelation. It wasn’t always this way. I used to feel exceedingly uncomfortable being seen in my yoga pants. God forbid I offend someone with the expanse of my butt or the disproportionate strength (read size) of my thighs.

And so, I had resolved for quite a number of years, that the yoga pant would remain in the yoga studio, off the streets and out of the grocery store.

I did not ask for this self-conscious nature. And I am thrilled to finally be giving it up.

Part of me got to thinking, I don’t look at other people and say, “Nice pants do they come in your size?” Or, “Who painted those on for you?” I mean seriously. I am not offended by tight pants on other people with imperfect (by today’s impossible standards) body’s – why I am so ashamed/judgmental of my own? Who am I offending by wearing my yoga pants to the grocery store?

I know – I was only offending myself by thinking that way. Not to mention, what a giant ego! Who cares if you are wearing yoga pants while you’re running errands? Turns out, just me. And maybe my 11 year old. “Mom, seriously, could you put some real pants on?”


4 thoughts on “Yoga Pants

  1. So funny– my 10 year old asked me if I was wearing my pajamas to drive the group to band. Funny also that I’ve only thought how nice you look in your yoga pants and that I really shouldn’t be walking around town in my running tights (much less forgiving then yoga pants)!

  2. Shouldn’t think of them as ‘thighs’; the physically ‘correct’ term (among us athletes, both former and current) is ‘quads’, and their strength and size is to be appreciated, not dreaded. Take a look at the late great sprinter (and beauty) Flo Joyner (Joiner?); an absolutely matchless set of wheels, major quads and all. Think she spent a moment of her regrettably brief time in the spotlight worried about the size of her ‘thighs’? Walk proud, Steamboat!

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