It’s Complicated

I love Lily Tomlin. Back in the day, when other kids were playing their Genesis and Journey albums, I was listening to Lily Tomlin’s comedy album over and over. What a strange young girl I was!

One of my favorite bits from the album went something like this,”Today I went to the hardware store to buy a wastepaper basket. I brought it to the checkout, paid for it, and the cashier put my wastepaper basket into a paper bag. When I got home, I took my wastepaper basket out of the paper bag, and put the bag into the wastepaper basket.”

Anyway, I got to thinking about this on my run today. It was 55 degrees here in Chicago, so I laced up my new pair of Barefoot Merrells  and ran down to the beach.

I found myself walking along the beach in barefoot shoes.

Shoes – by the way – that come with a set of instructions about how to run in them.

What the heck? How did we humans come to this? If I’m going to run barefoot, why do I need shoes? Why did Lily need a bag? Why must we complicate every thing?

We are all familiar with the magazine, Real Simple. I do enjoy it at the orthodontist. But how did we arrive at the point where we need a monthly magazine instructing us on how to pare down? When did “simple” become so complicated?

And, in pondering the above, I am somewhat hesitant to get into it all. Dare I say, it is a complex problem.

For heaven-sake, it took me the better part of a year to re-learn how to run in my “barefoot” shoes. I now land on my forefoot rather than my heel, such that I am smoothly rolling forward along, rather than constantly applying the brakes and starting over with every heel strike.

To run more simply, as nature intended, was a complicated process.

Somehow, in these modern times of ours, with so much innovation, and so many products and advertising, and stuff, and opportunities, we get lost among it all. And now, many of  us are looking for a way out. Looking to simplify, to be more mindful, more natural, to have more leisure time. To, simply put it, be more content.

I suppose we do need some instructions for that. We really have veered way off course.

So, where to start? Right here. Right now. Breath in. Breath out. Keep it simple for this moment. Breath in. Breath out.


2 thoughts on “It’s Complicated

  1. As many of us strive to be more “in the moment”, it often takes all our efforts to accomplish that goal if we do ever accomplish it at all. It is a tremendous amount of work not to be tethered to those things that are intended to make our lives easier and better. Yet, I know when I strive for that separation, I find that my life is richer and more connected. I think more. I react more. And for me, that is what I want. I will breath in and breath out, again and again, because it isn’t always so easy.

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