Thinking about my parents. How they’re aging.

My uncle, my mother’s sister’s husband died yesterday. He was 90.

That. Is. Old.

With families. With parents. So much water over the bridge and under the dam. We’ve been through so much together.


Thinking about loss and love today. For my mom and her sister and their family.

What stands out for me most today?

The memory of shopping with my mom for a dress to wear to my brother’s funeral.

That hurts to type.

A memory still raw, 10 years old.  Brought to light with another loss in the family.

It is still hard for my parents to acknowledge my loss. Theirs is so profound.

That hurts too.

I miss my brother. They miss their son.

Uncle Nick. You are missed too.


5 thoughts on “Loss

  1. You made me cry. Or maybe I should say you allowed me to cry. Apparently I needed it. Crying is healing. My thoughts are with all of you.

  2. Speaking of which; I saw a fellow in my neighborhood walking 2 dogs yesterday, one of which was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, made me think of Charley. He was a cool and good ol’ dog; makes me glad that, as the saying goes, all dogs go to heaven.

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