Drive with Skill

I got to drive from the suburbs into the city today. I’m not normally a commuter. But I used to be, and I’ll tell you this, I’m a darned good driver. I could drive a cab for a living and get you where you want to go lickety split. That is not to say that I am a crazy take no prisoners swerve from lane to lane cutting left and right sort of gal. I will get you there smooth as silk. I take pride in that.

Not all are so skilled at the driving however. Many do not possess the pinpoint reaction time of foot to accelerator when the light turns green. Nor are gifted with peripheral astuteness that allows one such as myself to take in left turn arrows, buses, grandmas, pedestrians, and lane conditions to the greatest of advantage in moving accurately forward and fast.

Yuh. I know. Big deal. Most people could really give a darn about how they are driving, and whether or not they’re driving “thoughtfully,” or “skillfully.”

Nonetheless, I would like to put down the argument, that if more people did care and were more skillful in their driving, commuting would be just a little nicer. And everyone’s day, would be just a little nicer.

Ok. Where are we going here? Let’s cut to the chase as they say.

Our driving affects other people. If I’m in a bad mood and I lay on my horn because you are too slow at the green light, I have affected your day for the worse. If I’m in a good mood and let you in, I have made your day a little better. If I am texting and have more attention focused on my smartphone than…well you get the idea.

Every day we have so many choices about how we are going to affect those around us. If you can, drive with skill.


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