The Chicken Crossed the Road

The chicken crossed the road…

And she got a different look at things! If you do anything in the next two days, do the thing that you do the same all the time different.

I got to thinking about this idea of “perspective.”  Sometimes it’s good to get a new one. Or a different one. Just to change things up. Why not?

A friend of mine loves shopping estate sales. She just showed me a pair of Prada shoes that she picked up on her last excursion. “Those are so awesome!” I admired, “What do you think the lady was like that wore them?”

And then we were off speculating on the life of the Prada wearer. Life in her shoes. Ahhh to dream of buying Prada retail.

Years ago, when the boys were little, a friend of ours was just plain fun. And for fun, he often carried a pair of yellow lensed glasses in his shirt pocket. Whenever we were together he generously let me wear them.  As ever, I laughed and laughed and laughed, Everyone looked so cheery and light. It was always a shame to take them off.

You know how I love the birds. I watch them and dream of being high up in the trees looking down on us silly limited humans. To be able to fly. To have a birds eye view.

And so, on my run today, I switched sides of the road. I usually run up the east side of Sheridan and come down the west. So today, I crossed the road. It was thrilling to be on the other side.


3 thoughts on “The Chicken Crossed the Road

  1. You are a beautiful writer. Insightful and thought-provoking. Today, running in Bend without Lucie was my change in perspective. Suddenly my focus was on myself, and I think I needed that.

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