Laugh with me. Please.

Daisy with cone. Or is it an amplifier?

What makes you laugh? I was thinking about this reading today’s New York Times. There are no funnies. Why so serious? I think if we all could get one good belly laugh per day, we, as a nation, would take fewer pharmaceuticals.

So what does makes you laugh? Different things on different days for sure.

For instance. When I first affixed Daisy’s “e-collar” around her head and stood back to get a good look, I laughed until I was crying. And then I felt sort of bad, because if she isn’t the sweetest dog in the world, and here she is stuck inside this cone for the better part of two weeks. And then I started laughing again anyway.

And seriously, the laughing continues because she can’t manage to figure out the circumference of the thing. I believe the term is proprioception. Awareness of the position of one’s body. Or ones head with a giant plastic cone wrapped around it. It’s been a full week and she just finally managed to figure out how to lift her head above each incoming riser to get up the stairs. For six full days she would crash into one step and then the next and the next and the next until she reached the top. Happily she’s none the worse for wear.

Just as problematically, most objects and beings about the house are treated in similar fashion. She’s running up my backside constantly with the thing and taking out the cats and the other little dog on her way to the doorbell. She manages to strategically place herself in the kitchen doorway so there is no way around her but over her.

If it weren’t so darned funny, this week might have been a bit of a challenge. Only five more days to go!


2 thoughts on “Laugh with me. Please.

  1. The image of Daisy attempting to climb the stairs certainly got me laughing- right out loud! There’s a reason they call it the “Cone of Shame”. Poor Daisy….give her some extra love.

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