Hello Facebook and Twitter! Most of you who know me well are having a hardy laugh at that!! Me too! HaHaHa!! But here we are! Not so bad! I am whole-heartedly grateful to Katie and Patti and Lisa and the Sakyong and to the rock and Rebecca Pepper Sinkler.

And so. Today I was going to talk about another amazing bout with synchronicity. But that will have to wait until tomorrow, because I would like to welcome all who are visiting for the first time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will visit often.

We’ve been talking a lot about bravery, and basic goodness, and birds. And a little boy who planted a seed.

Today during my run, a gaggle of geese flew over me along the lakefront.  It was a triangle of eight or nine. Where were they going? Isn’t it too late to get south? I of course, stopped and watched them hoping they were finding food and shelter and anything else they may need. Be well geese.

Be well. To stop for a moment and to wish others well. It is a practice that has brought me great comfort and openness. Welcome to The Carrot Seed. Give it a try.


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