Being Good, Even Great

Enough about being half-assed. Doesn’t it feel good to do something well? To be good at something. To be great at something. I got to thinking about this while listening to a recital by Max’s piano teacher, Marie Alatalo. She is amazing. A master. The years she has spent studying, and practicing and playing are evident. She has a passion and it shows. And what is as impressive, even with her gifts and talent she continues to work very hard each day to stay sharp and focused. I love that Max sees this, and is inspired by it.

We can all aspire to this kind of mastery. But not all of us will achieve such a level at something as accomplished as being a concert pianist. And that’s ok. I think a person is tremendously lucky who can find their talent and passion and make that their life’s profession.

In the meantime, how about being really good, even great at all those things you do every day. I am personally impressed with my absolute talent and greatness at loading the dishwasher. Not everyone in the house, ok, no one, aspires to this level as I do. (In fact, I might even say that Tim is half-assed at loading the dishwasher. But that’s a digression. He’s certainly amazingly awesome at grilling and making dinner most nights after all.)

And so, I feel like, the more we practice at being great at the little things; paying attention, enjoying, being in the moment while going about our day, then, the more we can aspire to greatness at the bigger things. It is with this mindfulness that you can discover the joy of being with whatever it is your doing, great or half-assed. And I’m certain, that it is with this mindfulness, that you will be able to discover your passion, your talents and perhaps even attain a certain level of mastery. And maybe even make it your life’s profession. Maybe we can all be lucky.


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