To Blog II

Happy Friday! I’m taking a break from making birthday dinner. So many steps! I’m roasting a pork shoulder, making a béchamel for the brussels sprouts; pureeing leeks, and parsnips and potatoes for soup – and grating beets and carrots and what not for a salad. Fingers crossed it’s good!

That’s an aside though to today’s topic. I got to thinking about my last post, and then worried that I might have offended fellow bloggers, fellow nascent writers, and all those TV people by talking about dreck.

My last intention would be to discourage a person from their creativity. I then recalled a few posts back, “Anything worth doing is worth doing half-assed.” And sometimes that’s the only way to start. By being half-assed. And that’s ok.

And maybe further “One person’s dreck is another person’s treasure.” Or something like that. What is relevant after all?

So, I thought a bit more about all this while chopping and pureeing and sautéing and I realized, it is impossible to write a blog, or a short story, or a novel, that would be completely inoffensive. And to be completely inoffensive is not a worthy goal.

Thus, my intention, to illuminate, to ruminate, to entertain, to provoke, but as the Dalai Lama said, to always work toward a better future.

Back to the kitchen!


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