To Blog

Such an interesting beast the blog is. I’ve been hard at work in my fiction class writing and reviewing, reading and critiquing and so have missed a few days here.

As I read some of the fiction in my on-line class and watch tv, and read blogs, I am struck by the prevalence of the irrelevant and the banal. There is a great deal of dreck in our world isn’t there?

Where to find relevance?  How to be inspired? Certainly the little boy in The Carrot Seed is an inspiration for me.  He gave something a try that wasn’t so popular, or didn’t seem worthwhile. He stuck to it, he nurtured it, he believed in it when others didn’t. And after awhile – Bam! A carrot came up!

And so, I’m going to keep on blogging.  It’s like a seed. Although I’m not sure what will come up? That’s ok. We’ll see. Hopefully it won’t be dreck.

“We are all responsible for creating a better future.”

–       The Dalai Lama


2 thoughts on “To Blog

  1. Please do keep at it, Anne. I miss your thoughts when there is no post and I always look forward to what’s to come. You most certainly do not produce dreck! 🙂 You make me think and ponder, and everyone needs to do more of that.

  2. Writing a blog about… writing a blog. Hmmmm… I hope this doesn’t trap you in some sort of temporal causality loop; that would be unfortunate, for the holiday season (sorry; my Star Trek Freudian slip is showing…)

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