Who Knows What

There is a “Who” out there that Knows stuff. And isn’t that where we get our Knowing from?  Who is in the news a lot – proclaiming what’s healthy to eat, when to get a flu shot, and that the world is soon going to end. Where Who gets his What – nobody really Knows for sure.

While we’re at it – How about Why? I mean really. Why do you believe What you believe? Do you even Know What you believe?

And back to Who. Who do you go to for advice? Do you even notice when you’re following advice? Is it from Who thats telling you What? Why?

Also – more than an aside – What makes you happy? What makes you pause? What makes you care? What makes you laugh? Is it Who or What? Why?

Seriously, that little boy who planted the carrot seed had It going on.


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