The Green Grasshopper

Q: How do you know when it’s time to embark on a new endeavor? A:When you see a bright green grasshopper.

Heed the grasshopper! There is a reason he appeared for you!

At least for me. Mostly, there are no green grasshoppers around here. So I knew he was special when I saw him.

Some days when I run, I let the route choose me. Meandering here and there. Following who knows what. (If you know me – you would appreciate how far I have come in my running. Letting the route choose me I mean. More on that later though.)

If I had taken another route today, if I were the old me,  I wouldn’t have seen this awesome, bright greenness of good fortune and new beginnings.  If I hadn’t turned right, if I hadn’t run toward the lake, if I hadn’t run at that time.

The grasshopper found me. I found the grasshopper. And so begins this new blog.